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Warning: Two Successful, One Attempted Pharmaceutical Thefts in Florida


FreightWatch International today issued a warning stating that over the last two weeks, there have been two successful and one unsuccessful thefts from Last Mile Couriers (LMC), a carrier that transports pharmaceuticals, in the Miami-Dade County area.

All three incidents occurred during delivery at the pharmacies.

Witnesses claim that the suspects followed LMC vehicles into the parking lots and waiting until the drivers went in tot he store.  The suspect then broke out a window to gain access to the vehicle.

The suspects were able to get away with full bags of products.

The suspects are described as African American males who were wearing bright yellow construction vests, driving  a white fan.

“FreightWatch recommends that all last mile courier drivers be educated on the threat posed by thieves and be briefed on best practices to avoid an incident.  Layered security programs, including covert GPS tracking and active monitoring, are essential to ensure that proper protocol is being followed and can be invaluable during the recovery process should a theft occur.  Also, team-drivers should be considered for high risk LMC operations,” FreightWatch states.



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