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6 Surprising Reasons That Truckers Should Read Books


With smart phones, satellite radio, TV, and movies on demand at the touch of a button, many of us don’t even think about picking up a book anymore. But there are several unexpected benefits to reading that can make you a happier, healthier trucker. Read on to see why you should put down you phone and pick up a paperback!

1. Reading helps zap stress. A 2009 study from the University of Sussex found that just six minutes with a book cut stress by 68%, working more quickly than taking a walk, listening to music, or drinking tea. This is good news for time-pressed truckers! You can read away the stress of the day in a few minutes.

2. Reading reduces your depression risk. Researchers from Liverpool recently reported that reading for just 30 minutes per week makes you 28% less likely to suffer from depression. They also found that just a half hour of reading per week increases the likelihood of high self-esteem by 18%.

3. Reading sharpens your memory. Scientists from Haskins Laboratories say that reading provides your brain with a workout that strengthens your memory — useful when you’re trying to recall which exit to take.

4. Reading may reduce your risk for Alzheimer’s disease. A study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences showed that regular reading made older people 2 and a half times less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease.

5. Reading helps you sleep. The Mayo Clinic reports that regularly reading before bed helps signal to your body that it is time for sleep. This is especially useful for truck drivers with lots of schedule variations.

6. Reading helps brain connectivity. A study published in the journal Brain Connectivity temporarily rewires the brain improve neural connections, making the brain work more effectively.

And finally…

6. Reading makes you more attractive to the opposite sex. A study by an evolutionary psychologist at Elon University found that women who are looking for a romantic partner choose partners they perceive to be intelligent — and reading boosts brain power. A similar study from the University of Cambridge found that intelligence was far and away the most important quality that men want in a romantic partner. So, single drivers, bring a book with you to dinner — you never know what will happen!

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