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6 Tips For Preparing For A DOT Physical


A DOT physical is probably not going to be the highlight of your day, but it is a necessity if you want to get behind the wheel of a truck. Here are some tips to help increase the chances that you’ll pass your DOT physical with flying colors!

1. Avoid coffee and energy drinks 24 hours before your DOT physical. The caffeine in these drinks can raise your blood pressure and make it more likely that you’ll be restricted or disqualified.

2. Cut back on salt the week before your DOT physical. Like caffeine, salt can raise your blood pressure.

3. Come to the exam prepared. This means coming with a list of your medications, your medical paperwork, your eyeglasses, and with a full bladder. Allow yourself time so you don’t have to rush. And if you are prescribed medications for any medicals conditions, make sure that you’ve taken them before your physical exam.

4. Avoid big meals. A huge buffet breakfast before your DOT exam can increase the sugar in your urine and raise diabetes warning signs. Eat something light and healthy before your exam.

5. Don’t get “White Coat Syndrome”. For some people, being in a doctor’s office is a stressor that can raise blood pressure. Focus on deep breathing if doctors make you nervous.

6. Get a second opinion. If you feel that your examiner was not competent or not fair, you might want to consider getting a second opinion. It be the difference that keeps you in the driver’s seat.

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