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7 Essential Tips For No Shave November


Need a little help getting started with No Shave November this year?

We’ve got you covered (hopefully in hair, very soon).

Check out these essential tips for getting the biggest, longest, and most luxurious beard during No Shave November!

  1. Be prepared for the itch. Growing a beard is not for the faint of heart. You will endure a few days of facial discomfort as your beard grows. It will pass.
  2. Be patient. Even the manliest of men can’t sprout a full beard in a day. Don’t give up too quickly.
  3. Clean your beard! Beards should not be crumb catchers! Make an effort to keep yours as clean as possible. Shampoo is great — extra points if you condition, too!
  4. Consider the best beard shape for your face. This handy guide from Birchbox will help you decide on a beard style that works with your facial features.
  5. Take care of the skin underneath. Beards can be challenging for the skin on your face. Many bearding experts recommend moisturizing to keep your facial skin in good shape as your beard grows.
  6. Comb it, man! No one likes a tangled beard! As your beard begins to grow, a quick combing will help you fight tangles.
  7. Consider beard oil. It may seem like a luxury product, but professional bearders (yes, that’s a thing) swear by it. The right beard oil will condition your beard, help moisturize the skin underneath, and keep your new face fuzz looking its best!

Enjoy your new beard — and your break from razors!

To learn more about cancer awareness and No Shave November, visit www.no-shave.org.

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