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7 Surprising Uses For Dryer Sheets In Your Truck


Something you might want to consider packing along in your truck?

Dryer sheets!

Dryer sheets have multiple uses beyond just freshening up your laundry. Read on to get some useful tips for making life on the road a little fresher, cleaner, and easier!

Seven Unexpected Uses of Dryer Sheets for Truck Drivers

— Polish your truck’s chrome. Just wet a dryer sheet and get scratch-free shine.

— Remove dead bugs from your truck’s exterior. You can wet a new or used dryer sheet, wring it out, and clean off dead bugs without worrying about your paint job. They works well on your windshield, too.

— Keep insects out of your truck — and off of you. Dryer sheets contain linalool, which is the same chemical found in lavender and basil that repels bugs. Stash dryer sheets in areas of your truck that are prone to bug attacks, or stick a dryer sheet in your pocket to protect yourself from pests.

— Freshen stinky driving shoes. If your shoes or boots are smelling less than fresh, stick a dryer sheet inside them and leave it while you sleep. The dryer sheet will absorb odors and add a fresher scent.

— Keep dirty clothes from smelling up your cab. Store your dirty clothes with a dryer sheet until you’re able to wash them to keep unpleasant smells at bay in your truck.

— Remove pet hair from your cab. Many drivers take a dog or cat on the road. If your pet is shedding all over your truck, you can use a dryer sheet to quickly and easily clean up the hair.

— Clean a crusty crockpot. Many of our readers take their crockpots along to make healthy meals in their trucks. If your crockpot is hard to clean after you use it, fill it with water and add a dryer sheet. Allow it to sit for a few hours, then dump out the water. The dryer sheet breaks up the bonds between food molecules, making it easier to clean out your slow cooker!

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