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Back To Back: A Phone Comparison


It’s an ever-changing world. Smartphones. They come and go, new models and brands emerging constantly. How are we supposed to keep up with all the changes? In this review we’ve compared some of the top phones to help you find out what exactly you’re getting into so you’re not just paying for a logo on a piece of metal or plastic.

Here are some popular choices in the mobile device world:

Samsung Galaxy S5 – Android
• Customizable Android OS
• Fingerprint Recognition
• HD Video
• 16MP Camera
• 1080×1920 HD Display

iPhone 6 & 6 Plus – iOS
• Apple’s user-friendly iOS8
• Fingerprint Scanner
• 4.7″ Retina HD Display
• 1080p HD Video and 8MP Camera

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – Android
• New “phablet”-type Android OS (with stylus)
• 5.7″ Quad HD Display
• 16MP Camera
• HD Video

Nexus 5 – Android
• Google’s bare bones Android OS (without any bloat-ware)
• 4.95″ HD Display
• 8MP Camera
• HD Video
• Up To 32GB Internal Storage

Nokia Lumia 928 – Windows
• Windows Phone 8 os (with easy-to-use interface)
• 4.5″ HD Display
• 8.7MP Camera
• HD Video
• 32GB of storage.

These phones stole the market in 2014 and look to be continuing to this year as well.

Here is a comparison video that show the main differences between Android, iOS and Windows:

When it comes down to it: It is your choice which you enjoy using more, which does what you need, and what apps you want access to. In our opinion, if you are wanting something that works out of the box for social media, photos, music, etc. then iPhone is a great option. If you want more control over your device, plan to modify it, use it as a remote, etc. then Android would be the route to go. If you are a PC only person and want to synch all your Microsoft accounts on all your devices and tend to enjoy a more simplistic approach, then windows phones are the device for you. Do some research before you buy your next phone, go into your local service provider’s store and try them all out, you’ll quickly decide which best feels right to you.



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