BMW officially put its 40-ton all-electric truck into use on Tuesday delivering material from a local supplier to the BMW plant in Munich.

The truck can make the 1.2-mile journey between the BMW factory and supplier SCHERM up to 8 times per day, delivering automotive parts like shock absorbers, springs and steering systems.

The truck has a range of 62 miles, meaning it can make deliveries all day without needing to charge. When the truck’s battery is depleted, it takes 3 to 4 hours to charge.

The truck will save an estimated 11.8 tons of carbon dioxide a year, and BMW has committed to only using electricity from renewable sources. BMW plans to study the truck’s function on city streets to gather more data on electricity-powered freight transport.

BMW is also trying to raise public awareness about electricity-powered transport by designing the trailer to look like a battery.

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