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Court Rules That Speed Limiters Do Not Violate Truck Driver Rights


In what is being called a “test case” for the trucking industry, Ontario courts have denied a trucker’s request to remove the speed limiters in spite of his claim that the devices are unsafe and violate his rights.

DriverĀ Gene Michaud, backed by OOIDA, began his legal fight against speed limiters in 2009, when he was ticketed for having his speed limiter set over the legal limit. Michaud claimed that the extra speed was a safety precaution which gave him extra room to maneuver.

In 2012, a court ruled in Michaud’s favor, upholding his claim that his speed limiter had put him in danger several times. The court ruled that speed limiters infringe on a driver’s right to security, but this ruling was overturned in 2013. Michaud died in 2013, but his widow and OOIDA continued to fight for his cause.

The court ruled Monday in favor of speed limiters, claiming that they reduce emissions and increase highway safety. OOIDA has 60 days to appeal the ruling.

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