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Dear Truckers: From A Travel Center Worker


“Please treat us and each other like you would want to be treated.”

While it’s easy (and understandable) to be grumpy after a long day dealing with stupid-driving 4-wheelers, waiting for shippers or receivers or fed up with drivers who hog the fuel island, a truck stop employee is asking drivers to not take their frustrations out on the hard-working staff.

One such truck stop employee took his/her request to Reddit in the form of an open letter to truck drivers.

The letter, written by Reddit user Seraphic331 states:

Dear Truckers: From a Travel Center Worker 

Please remember that we are people too. We deal with rude, disrespectful, angry, and unreasonable people all day. Often at no fault of our own. Understand that our business is one that has an extremely high turnover rate, for obvious reasons, and we are often short staffed in late afternoons/evening shifts.

We treat you with professional courtesy, please return us the same courtesies.

Some things that will help our daily routines flow a little smoother:

  • If you are using the CAT scale, pull off and please do not block anyone from exiting off the scale. The traffic is higher than the fuel island, and most locations only have one. We cannot issue tickets when there is a Tractor currently parked/waiting on the scale. (My location)
  • Have Tractor, Trailer, Trip Number, Hub/Odometer Reading, Driver ID, etc ready. Tip: If Trip number isn’t right, use the last one. Sometimes these are not updated properly.
  • When fueled, pull forward, let other drivers get in, and help maintain a level of professional courtesy.
  • If you use a personal or non-corporate issued card inside the TC, do not expect your pump to be opened up. These may require a prepay amount.
  • Express Codes – write them down for your cashier to input, or read them clearly and in a consistent pace. (Place spacing if your handwriting is sloppy.)
  • Driver’s License – These are required for verification. Don’t be upset if you are asked for it.
  • We are required to ask for your rewards card, have it ready or tell us no.
  • Please respect Handicap parking at locations that have them. If you do not have stickers/tags, observe normal parking, or obtain proper tags. Please be respectful of our disabled drivers.

Please treat us and each other like you would want to be treated. Any other Travel Center workers have anything to add? Professional Driver input welcome of course.

Edit: I do not represent TA – “Travel Centers of America.” Travel Centers being a term commonly used to replace what was known typically as a “Truck Stop.”

…..It is still called a Truck Stop when I am off the clock.

Let’s all try harder to be kind to one another.  We all have a job to do.  One small act of kindness can make someone’s day!


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