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Do The Shoes Make The Truck Driver?


A Thai driver was fined on Monday — for questionable choices in his footwear. Along with facing charges for illegal tinting and missing transport documents, he also received a fine for wearing Crocs while he was driving. While no truck driver wants to face the fashion police when they are behind the wheel, your choice of footwear can make a big difference in your overall professional appearance — and your safety.

Bad Truck Driver Footwear: From the Bizarre to the Downright Dangerous!

Of course, truck drivers want to be comfortable when they’re on the road. But there are some drivers who take that desire for comfort to the extreme, even wearing shoes like flip-flops when they drive. Most more experienced truck drivers will tell you that you certainly would always want to wear proper footwear on any lot for hygiene purposes. And there have been numerous incidents involving flip-flop-clad drivers getting their footwear tangled and losing control of their trucks. Flip flops might give your feet room to breathe, but they do pose a frightening risk for truck drivers.

Even crazier, there are some truck drivers who dare to drive without any shoes at all! Some choose not to wear shoes because they feel it is more comfortable. Others even feel that not wearing shoes gives them better control over their truck. Drivers like Irvin Harlow have driven barefoot to relieve the pain of a medical condition or injury.

Most experienced truck drivers choose to wear work boots, which may not be as comfortable as flip flops, but they do offer more support and reduced safety risks while driving. And the right work boots are non-slip, helping truck drivers to avoid injury on the job. You have to admit, they look a lot better than a pair of flip-flops or Crocs, right?

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