Erich McMann

Yearning for some new truckin’ tunes? – Erich McMann‘s newest album, ‘Trucker Country’ might be just what you’re looking for!

McMann – the son of a truck driver – says, “I haver had a better time than driving down the open road in his (daddy’s) truck with good ol’ country music blarin’ on the radio!

‘Trucker Country’ recalls McMann’s father’s stories from the road (both good, and bad) from trucks, truck stops, and heartbreak to hazardous road conditions, hitchhikers, and hot waitresses! This album was written over the course of a few days in the midst of the ‘Polar Vortex’ last winter, and recorded in McMann’s home studio. All of the instruments are played my McMann himself, and many of the songs were recorded in one take!

If traditional country, honky-tonk, swing, or rockabilly are your thing – you’ll definitely want to give ‘Trucker Country’ a listen!

‘Trucker Country’ on iTunes ‘Trucker Country’ on Google Play

Erich McMann

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