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FMCSA Plans Commercial Motor Vehicle Driver Restart Study


The FMCSA announced plans for a new study to measure and compare safety performance and fatigue levels of truck drivers who have two nighttime rest periods within their 34 hour restart period, as opposed to drivers who only get one nighttime rest period.

Study Will Measure Driver Fatigue and Safety

The FMCSA will study 5 month’s worth of driver schedules to assess fatigue and safety-critical events (SCEs) for two groups of drivers. The first group will be the drivers who worked under HOS restart provisions from July 1, 2013 through December 15, 2014. The second group will be drivers who worked under the restart provisions which started June 30, 2013.

The study will be conducted using Electronic Logging Devices, the Psychomotor Vigilance Test, actigraph watches, onboard monitoring systems, and he Karolinska Sleepiness Scale.

The FMCSA began collecting data for the study in March.



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