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Gallbladder Attacks: 7 Symptoms Truckers Need To Know


Your gallbladder is just a little sac that stores bile. You’d never know it was there — unless something went wrong with it.

Because of the truck stop lifestyle, truck drivers are at an increased risk for gallbladder attacks, but many people don’t have much information about the condition. In fact, many people mistake gallbladder attacks for heart attacks. That’s why it’s important for drivers to know the symptoms and seek medical attention if needed.

  1. Stomach pain. Usually, the pain occurs in the mid- to upper-right part of your stomach, but it can also extend to your right shoulder blade or your back. It can be mild or very intense.
  2. Digestive issues. These could range from nausea, gas, heartburn, diarrhea, or vomiting. Vomiting after eating is a big red flag that you might have gallbladder problems.
  3. Yellowing of the skin or eyes. If your skin or the whites of your eyes turn a yellowish color, you could have jaundice — another big gallbladder attack warning sign.
  4. Very dark urine. Urine that is dark brown or even maroon in color could indicate the presence of gallstones. If you notice changes in your urine, get it checked out.
  5. Fever or the chills. People suffering from gallbladder attacks can sometimes experience an infection of the bile duct, which could cause a fever or shivering.
  6. Chest pain. A blocked bile duct can force bile up into your chest, resulting in pain so intense that many people think that they are having a heart attack. Even if the pain isn’t bad enough to be mistaken for a heart attack, heartburn is a common symptom of gallbladder problems.
  7. A feeling of fullness in the abdomen. If your stomach feels very full or bloated even when you haven’t eaten a big meal, this could be a gallbladder warning sign.

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