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J.J. Keller To Offer Elog Training Classes


With an Elog mandate looming on the horizon, J.J. Keller is hoping to help new drivers learn the ins and outs of electronic logging.

Once the mandate goes into effect, all drivers will be required to use electronic logging devices.

J.J. Keller this week announced they’ll be offering electronic logging training courses to new drivers.

“Now, truck driving school programs can train student drivers to use E-Logs — better preparing them for success in the future of the industry — with the new ELD Driving School Program featuring the Encompass® E-Log system from J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc.®,” J.J. Keller states.

Truck driving schools that choose to participate in the training program will receive a discounted price for up to five J.J. Keller ELDs.  The devices will collect CMV engine data, transmit that data via Bluetooth to the J.J. Keller app- which will record their hours of service.

In addition, program participants will have free, unlimited use of J.J. Keller’s Encompass online dashboard, which allows instructors to monitor student’s use of electronic logs.

“This new program is a great way to help drivers entering the industry be more successful, which helps ensure they stay in the industry,” said Betty Weiland, J. J. Keller’s senior editorial manager-transportation and board member for the National Association of Publicly Funded Truck Driving Schools. “By partnering with driving schools, we can help both student drivers — and the fleets they’ll work for — to be well prepared for the road ahead.”

For additional information on the J. J. Keller™ ELD Driving School program, call 800-843-3174 ext. 8523. And for more information on the J. J. Keller™ Encompass® E-Log system, visit JJKellerElogs.com.



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