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Kimberly-Clark Wants To Attract Truck Drivers With Clean Restrooms


Kimberly-Clark Corp. has announced that they will try to attract truck drivers by upgrading bathrooms and rest areas in over 20 of their distribution centers.

Company To Focus On Truck Driver Satisfaction

“Truck drivers I think many times are mistreated. We want to make sure that doesn’t happen on our sites … We’re about 70% there,” said Kimberly-Clark’s vice president of transportation.

Their reason for making the upgrade? Kimberly-Clark, which manufactures Scott toilet paper, Kleenex tissues, and Huggies diapers, says that they don’t have enough drivers to make thousands of their contracted shipments. The company is forced to turn to the volatile on-demand driver market, which is extremely costly.

Better Restrooms To Attract More Drivers

Restrooms are consistently one of the top complaints from truck drivers, so the company is banking on better facilities to attract the drivers they need. Kimberly-Clark hopes that better bathroom facilities will prove to truck drivers that they are listening to them and care about their needs. The company says that they have also trained their staff for the past two years to focus more on the truck driver’s experience.

According to the National Shippers Transportation Council, this increased focus on truck driver job satisfaction is likely to spread to other shippers. They said, “the shift in shipper attitude is new, it’s still emerging as shippers are realizing this driver shortage is actually happening now.”

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