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Ms. Manners: A Day In The Life On The Road


By: A.H. Bosley

Every day we are on the road in some state in some other city.

Going down the road, just trying to get to OUR destination and deliver the load.

What we think while we drive:
Some guy is darn slow, and another cut you off. Someone else could have given YOU a break and let you get out in front of them. Why doesn’t anyone know how to drive these days? Man, is it frustrating. All day, Everyday, same ol’ same ol’.

This is how a lot of drivers see the day. Hammer down all the way, never giving anyone an inch. But they want a mile. No one cares, GET OUT OF MY WAY! I wish that we could stick together and demand better work conditions, yet won’t give up a dime or the time. If that’s what everyone thinks, then who’s in the wrong? I mean we all can’t be the ONLY ONE that can drive right.

You do the same thing to the next driver without knowing it.

You only have one side of the story, and that my friend is yours. You know what you are doing, where you are trying to go, and how you want to accomplish it. While this other guy, me let’s say, is doing the same thing. I’m trying to turn in, you out. You have to merge; I’m trying to get past this four wheeler who has been under my bumper, and it’s my first chance to do so.
I’m trying to back into a hole while you are about to pee yourself and just want to get to the fuel island so you can run the facilities. You pull into a truck stop for fuel, and the guy that pulled forward has been gone awhile. You finish and go inside to get your receipt. I pull behind you and wonder what your doing, why are you just sitting at the pump not even fueling.

I don’t know the whole story; I have no patience left or maybe I never do. I just get mad, sit and yell.

I am not saying that we don’t have drivers out here that do rude and ignorant things, but we should give the guy the benefit of the doubt sometimes. Instead of going off half-cocked getting our blood pressure up for something we do ourselves to other drivers. We don’t know the full story. This is true in our professional life as well as our personal life.

Have you ever gotten mad at someone for something you thought they said or did? Only to have a short conversation with them later to find out you took it wrong? I have, many times. Especially the written word, like in a text or a column like mine. There is no feeling to words, no expression, so it is easily misrepresented depending on how you feel at the time of reading. Driving is a lot like that. It is just another truck in motion. You don’t know it’s intent; you have no crystal ball to tell you who, what, where, why, or when. We only know what we are doing or trying to do if this idiot would get out of THE WAY. But who’s way is it?

I know how hard it is. I have had to learn this myself. Bring it down a notch and just give the trucker the benefit and see if your day goes better.

I know there are some who just live to yell and scream. It is who THEY are. Always having your foot to the floor and everyone takes too long. You could have done that in half the time until it’s your turn to do it.

Everyone has bad days.

We all have family pressures and we all get the news from time to time of love ones hurt, scared or worse. Bills are piling up or just wishing you could be there tonight for your child’s ballgame. Not everyone is on top all the time.

We are brother truckers out here. We know and share the same life. RESPECT each other just a little. Stick up for someone who needs it or looks like they need it. It is easy to be mean and uncaring. It takes no effort at all. It takes STRENGTH to take the extra step to say hello, help a guy out. Kindness is not a weakness.

Be safe out there.

Trucking is not just a profession, it is a way of life.


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