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Ms. Manners: Hanging Out In the Hammer Lane


Most drivers today do not understand that the left lane is for passing ONLY.

This understanding is essential for a good traffic flow. We are rarely ever allowed in the far left lane, and we as truckers, understand that we have our own hammer lane.

This same rule apples: Normally if there are more than two lanes, we are instructed NO TRUCKS IN THE LEFT LANE. So this only gives us 2 lanes. The far right lane, lane 1 or granny lane.  Lane 2 is the truck hammer lane.

If you have a truck behind you, or, better yet, coming up behind you at a faster rate of speed,  MOVE OVER to the granny lane.

I know it can be hard in the cities to travel in the granny lane with all the merging traffic, but do the best you can here.

On the open road,  outside the city limits, it is correct and proper etiquette to move to the right so the other truck can pass safely.

If you get passed on your right side you need to ask yourself, why?

Passing on the right of any vehicle is wrong, but what is a trucker to do if you are blocking the only legal lane for truckers to pass in. It really creates a safety issue for all. Four wheels watch us and copy us. Be the professional and show them the correct way.

Don’t be that rolling road block.  Please have respect for each other,  just move over to the proper traveling lane and roll on, brother,  roll on.

Trucking is not just a profession,  it’s a way of life.

-Ms. Manners


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