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Ms. Manners: Do Not Drive Behind A Backing Truck Or A Truck That Has Its Flashers On


By: Ms. Manners- Female professional driver

Trucks come barreling in the truck stop without paying attention to what’s going on around them.  Time and time again, I see trucks putting on their 4-way flashers, and watch others drive right behind them.  For those who pull in and back out– which I still don’t get but it happens– let that person back without driving behind them.

Slow down in truck stops. 

When a truck is about to back, that truck will put its flashers on. This allows everyone know his/her intent and should be given the respect you would want if it were you backing.

We, as truck drivers, should know that when backing, everyone needs to stop and give that truck the room it needs. Slow down in a truck stop and  pay attention to your surroundings, help a fellow truck driver out by just giving him or her the room he or she needs to back in.

This is a very serious problem and a huge safety issue

Do not drive behind someone who is backing up! 

If you see someone do it, let them know that it is wrong.  There are rules that all truck drives need to keep in place and the number one rule is, don’t drive behind a backing truck, Ever.

Trucking is not just a profession, it’s a way of life.


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