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Signs and Symptoms of Kidney Stones


If you’re suddenly experiencing intense pain in your back, side, abdomen or groin, you may be experiencing pain from kidney stones.

Kidney stones form in the kidney.  If the stones stay in the kidney, they’re not typically painful, however, if the kidney stones travel to the urinary tract, they can cause intense pain. Many kidney stone suffers say the pain from kidney stones is the most intense pain they’ve ever experienced.

Symptoms of kidney stones include:

-Sudden severe pain in the back, side, abdomen, groin or genitals. The pain may come in waves or get worse over time.

-Feeling sick to your stomach or vomiting.

-Blood in your urine.

-Frequent and/or painful urination.

If you’re suddenly experiencing ANY of these symptoms, you need to seek medical care. 

If you suspect you have a kidney stone, call your doctor right away and begin drinking more water.

Your doctor will assess whether or not you’ll be able to pass the kidney stone on your own or if you’ll need medical assistance to break up or help the kidney stone pass.





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