Worst Bottlenecks Ranked

A new report from the American Highway Users Alliance ranked the 50 worst traffic bottlenecks in America — and number one is not in California.

The study revealed that the worst bottleneck on I-90 in Chicago — where 12-mile backups are common.

Los Angeles is the site of the #2 through #7 worst bottlenecks in the country. I-405 makes the list twice, while areas on I-10, I-110, and US 101 rank as some of the worst bottlenecks that America has to offer.

After that, the Lincoln Tunnel in New York and New Jersey ranks #8. New York’s I-95 between I-895 and Broadway is #9, and I-35 in Austin, Texas, rounds out the top 10 worst bottlenecks.

The study says that bottlenecks are not only frustrating for drivers — they are also expensive and dangerous. The report states that if the worst bottlenecks aren’t fixed in the next 20 years, they will cost Americans $39 billion in lost time and cause 211,000 crashes.

You can see all 50 of the worst bottlenecks in the report below.

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The Washington Post

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