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Top 10 Reasons To Be Grateful For Truck Drivers


Sometimes it seems like there is a lot of negativity out there. That’s why we wanted to take a few minutes to remind the world that what you do matters!

1. You keep America fed. Without truck drivers, restaurants and grocery store shelves would be empty in a matter of weeks.

2. Truck drivers keep the economy running. Without anyone to drive trucks, both large corporations and small businesses would collapse, with devastating effects on the economy.

3. You’re a witty, good-hearted bunch of guys and girls! One of our favorite things at CDLLife is getting to connect with you through your messages on Facebook. We laugh, cry and are always in awe of the fact that we get to talk to such a funny, hard working group of people every day.

4. Truck drivers look out for everyone else. How many times has an Amber Alert ended happily because of a truck driver? How often are truck drivers the first on the scene of an accident, helping to save lives? We all know this stuff happens all the time!

5. You make the holidays happen. Without truck drivers moving freight across the country, a lot of kids would be really disappointed on Christmas morning.

6. Truck drivers risk their lives every day. Hauling freight can be dangerous, but without truck drivers who are willing to do it to keep the country running, America would be at a standstill.

7. Most people have no idea how hard you work. The average person has no idea that truck drivers spend 14 hours a day on the road. We know your job is never easy.

8. Driving a truck often means that you have to miss your family. Most truck drivers spend their hours out on the road alone. Those lonely nights away from loved ones are a huge sacrifice — and we are grateful to you.

9. You never give up. When the going gets rough, when the roads get icy, when the hour gets late, truck drivers keep on moving.

10. You are the lifeblood of America. The spirit and brotherhood of the truck driver has shaped and defined American culture forever. Without you, there would be no us.

Truck drivers, a big thanks for everything you do, from your big fans at CDLLife!


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