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Trucker Goes Vegan, Loses 65 Pounds


After 21 years behind the wheel, a Mississippi trucker was able to lose a whopping 65 pounds — by switching to a strictly plant-based diet.

Bobby Anderson, a 45-year-old former Marine, says that the sedentary lifestyle of a trucker began to catch up to him. He told Today, “I used to want to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. And I ended up looking like Chris Farley.

Trucker Gives Up Fast Food For Vegan Diet

Anderson knew that he had to make a major lifestyle change, so he gave up the fast food truck stop fare in favor of a vegan diet. He cut out all meat, fish, and dairy products from his diet and added tons of vegetables like blueberries and avocados.

Trucker Dropped Pounds, Blood Pressure — And Depression

Another major change? Anderson started cooking for himself in his truck. He uses a pressure cooker, waffle maker, hot plate, toaster, and NutriBullet to create healthy vegan meals. He admits that this isn’t as convenient as fast food and it does take a little planning, but the 65 pound weight drop has been worth it. “My belly used to be right up here on the steering wheel. And now, I have room to breathe. And it’s still going down,” Anderson said. Not only is his blood pressure down, but Anderson also says that his clinical depression has disappeared.

Anderson’s story has inspired others. After his story was featured in People Magazine and on the Today show, many people both in and outside the trucking industry are looking to Anderson for weight loss tips and tricks. He runs a successful Facebook page called Plant-Fueled Trucker which has almost 20,000 likes. His posts feature positive messages, colorful photos of his meals, and ideas for keeping healthy behind the wheel of a truck.

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