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Trucking Company Increases Pay For Drivers Who Install Cameras


American Central Transport (ACT) announced that it will increase pay for drivers who install cameras in their trucks by two cents per mile.

ACT has been working to outfit its fleet with Lytx DriveCam since February. So far, about half of their 390 trucks have the cameras.

The pay increase does not mean that the drive cams are optional — drivers cannot opt out of the cameras and the pay increase. But as soon as the DriveCam is installed drivers will start earning the extra two cents per mile.

The announcement was made at a company-wide picnic. ACT says that immediately after the announcement, at least 6 drivers asked to have the cameras installed to start earning the extra money.

ACT’s COO said of the pay increase, “giving them this increase is our way of saying thanks for making our fleet even safer with the addition of a drive cam. We’re very proud of ACT’s safety record and this is an important step in protecting our drivers and the motoring public.”

The two cent incentive goes into effect August 24.

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