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What Is Your Favorite Cooking Appliance To Use In The Truck?


By Heidi O.

There are several different appliances that are handy and very convenient to use in your ’18-Wheel Kitchen.’ Things such as the Aroma 3 in 1, Lunchbox Ovens, Rotisserie cookers, Induction Cookers, Crock Pots, Electric Skillets and Charcoal or Propane Grills. All of these are available, ranging in prices from $29.99 to several hundred dollars.

We personally like our Nu-Wave Precision Induction Cooktop. We can fry or sauté many different foods and are able to make a nice, well-balanced meal for the evening. We also have the Nu-Wave Induction Oven and it makes some wonderful food also. In the summer months we like to pull out the grill, and cook up some steaks or burgers!

We would like to obtain a Lunchbox oven as they are good to make different things in also. We have heard of people using the Lunchbox ovens from everything to reheating leftovers to making an entire meal like we do in a crockpot.

We would also like to obtain an Aroma 3 in 1 cooker as these are becoming a very useful cooking appliance. You can make an entire meal at once in this appliance.

We belong to some cooking groups geared strictly towards cooking in the truck and you can find recipes of what others are cooking and find many tips on what to make in almost all of these appliances.

What would be your appliance of choice to cook in your truck?


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