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What Kind Of Truck Driver Are You?


Written By: Heidi O.


Regional Driver

Regional-DriverYou are a regional driver. You are home most weekends and sometimes throughout the week. You get to have some family time along with having time to complete the chores you have around the house.

Local Driver

Local-DriverYou are a local driver. You’re home every night, unless special circumstances arise. You get to see your family much more than most truck drivers! Treasure them!

New Driver

New-Driver You are most likely new to trucking. You should learn to plan your routes along with where you plan on staying to complete your 10 hour break. Good luck, and drive safely!

Night Owl

Night-Owl-Driver You are a night owl trucker. Running mostly nights, and never sure where you will stop to sleep during the day. You usually just ‘go with the flow’ and KEEP ON TRUCKIN’!

Laid Back Trucker

Laid-Back-Truck-Driver You are a laid back truck driver. You don’t run cheap, so you take your time on your runs. Usually this would be most Owner/Operators who have been around for awhile. You know how to work your clock so you can run all day and take your 10 hour breaks at night. A true veteran driver!


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