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What Would You Like To See At The Travel Centers?


By: Heidi O.

We, as truckers, have to stop at travel centers and some of us have to depend on the services offered in these places. These services can range from laundry to hair cutting, and convenience store services, but would you like to see more?

I know some truck stops do offer such things as tattoo parlors, dental centers, or massages. Are these enough? Are there specific services that you would like to see more of at the travel centers? I would like to see more chiropractic services, dental services, doctors, and possibly a nail salon for the women on the road. The women on the road aren’t catered too as the men are; however, I think both men and women can benefit from the above services.

Very few truck stops offer services like these. I have come across a dental service at two different travel centers, Iowa 80 and one at a Sapp Brothers in Utah. I have come across several doctors’ offices who specialize in providing DOT medical examinations, but to me this service should be offered at most travel centers.

I have only seen a chiropractic center in one travel center at one time, but when I went back several months later it was no longer in service. I know that there are more services offered out there and would like to make a list of the places they are offered and what services are there.

Please share what services you would like to see and if you know of special services offered at particular travel centers.


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