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Why Making Your Runs Fun Is Essential For Truck Driver’s Health


Want better health? Most truck drivers who want to combat the unhealthy lifestyle associated with their jobs know that they should eat healthy and try to be active on the road. What they might not realize is that there is an essential requirement for good health that they are ignoring — fun!

The Health Benefits of Fun for Truck Drivers

The hours spent on the road can be freeing, but let’s be honest, they can also be monotonous. And the mental and emotional challenges associated with the job can take a toll on your health. Stress and fear are associated with higher risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes.Most truck drivers out there are focused on their paycheck, on how driving today will benefit them and their families down the road. With everything else truck drivers have going on, it’s easy to forget that being happy now matters, too.  Stress and fear are associated with higher risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

But studies have shown that being happier also makes you healthier. Happiness appears to reduce harmful stress hormones in the body and also to improve immune function. A University College London study even suggests that happier people live longer. So it makes sense to take any steps you can to make your day to day routine more enjoyable.

Tips for Making the Long Hauls Fun

Psychologists suggest that happiness is more about attitude than circumstances. You might not be able to change much about the requirements of your job, but you can change how you think about it. Focusing on what you’re grateful for — family, friends, your pet or your home — can help to boost on-the-job happiness. Another tactic that psychologists suggest for boosting happiness is to be “in the moment”. So rather than letting your mind dwell on the things that stress you out when you’re driving, focus on what you’re actually doing. Music is a proven mood booster, so go ahead and sing along to that song on the radio — it’s good for your health!

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