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California Drivers Sue Gardner Trucking Over Unpaid Wages


A group of California truck drivers have filed a class action lawsuit against Gardner Trucking, claiming that the company did not pay them minimum wage and failed to provide them with the legally required rest breaks and off duty meal times.

The lawsuit is currently pending in the San Bernardino County Superior Court.

The suit alleges that Gardner Trucking’s practice of paying drivers on a piece rate basis means that drivers did not receive minimum wage compensation for all non-production work time. Further, the suit claims that Gardner failed to record all of the time that employees worked.

The class action suit also claims that the drivers were forced to forfeit paid meal breaks and rest breaks because there was no company policy in place  for them. The suit points out that Gardner’s business records do not show any evidence that drivers were given these legally required breaks. Therefore, the drivers allegedly gave up these breaks without receiving additional compensation.

You can take a look at the full class action suit by clicking here.

You can learn more about the class action suit against Gardner Trucking by contacting attorney Nicholas De Blouw at (866) 771-7099.

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