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Don’t Fall For The “Truck Curfew” Hoax


Have you heard rumors about an eleven state truck curfew organized by the U.S. Department of Transportation? Don’t believe them.

This week a website called “Best Source of Videos” published an article claiming that eleven states have agreed to a semi truck “curfew” that would keep truckers off the road between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m.

The article has circulated widely on social media, fueled by a separate page that outlined the penalties for violating the truck curfew:

First Offense: $100 Penalty

Second Offense: $250 Penalty & Vehicle Impounded

Third Offense: $500 Penalty, Vehicle Impounded, 90-day License Suspension.

Fourth Offense: $1,000 Penalty, Vehicle Impounded, 182-day License Suspension

A report from Snopes came out today, fact checking the article and declaring it to be fake news: “The false claim (riddled with grammar and spelling errors) was just a minor variation of an earlier fake news story about a purported  motorcycle curfew that was published in March 2016. No other media outlets reported on what would have been fairly major news for all long-haul truckers, given their multi-state routes.

The Snopes report also stated, “The “truck curfew” story was one of several fake news items in a subset targeting specific populations on social media, among whom the stories would be heavily shared (and by which the sites involved would rake in traffic and revenue).



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