Turkeys Attack Mailman

A gang of wild turkeys turned one New Jersey letter carrier’s day from terrific to terrible when they trapped him in his truck, forcing him to call for help.

Wild Turkeys Surround Mail Truck

The 911 call from the Hillsdale postmaster came in just after noon on Tuesday. The postmaster reported that one of his carriers was unable to leave Esplanade Drive because his mail truck was surrounded by aggressive turkeys: “Hey Sarge, this is the postmaster over in Hillsdale. You’re not going to believe this, but I have a carrier that’s being attacked by wild turkeys, won’t let him deliver the mail.” The postmaster went on to say that the birds were actively attacking, biting and chasing the mail carrier.

Police Arrive To Scare Away Birds

Fortunately, police soon arrived on the scene to shoo the birds away.

The letter carrier was not injured and in the end, most of the mail was delivered — though the incident briefly held up mail service to three homes.

You can listen to the recently released 911 call below.

CBS New York

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