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Judge Tosses Out Ticket For Stuck Trump Truck


The businessman who owns the “Trump Truck” that got stuck on a bridge in Pennsylvania fought the $708 citation in court this week — and won.

Trump Truck Got Stuck On Pennsylvania Bridge

The truck, which is adorned with pro-Donald Trump slogans, became stuck on the Water Street Bridge in Pittston on March 30. The truck’s driver, Kushan Tomczyk, tried to turn right onto the bridge but got stuck on a corner. The incident backed up traffic for almost an hour.

Driver Says Police Did Not Weigh Truck Before Issuing Ctation

Tomczyk was issued a $708 citation because police suspected that the Trump truck weighed more than the bridge’s 20 ton weight limit. However, Tomczyk says that police never even weighed the truck before issuing the citation. “It shouldn’t even be a case at all. It shouldn’t have come to this,” she said.

Owner Appears In Court To Defend Truck Driver

The truck’s owner, businessman Bob Bolus, appeared in court on Tuesday to contest the citation — and, he says, to defend his driver: “We want the judge to come out and see that our driver was well within the legal limits and that the citation was unjustified.

Weight Slip Vindicates Truck Driver

Bolus produced a weight slip proving that the truck was under the weight limit. He even brought the Trump truck to court in case there was any lingering doubt on the truck’s weight.

The citation was withdrawn. The magistrate did not look at the truck.

Bolus called the ruling “vindication for a young but seasoned driver.”

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