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KLLM Drivers File Class-Action Misclassification Suit


Two truck drivers have filed a class-action suit against KLLM Transport Services claiming that the company misclassified them as independent contractors.

Though the suit was filed on behalf of just two truckers — one from California and the other from Florida — the class action status of the suit would include other KLLM drivers who may have been misclassified.

The suit alleges that because KLLM misclassified the drivers as independent contractors, it failed to pay them minimum wage for all hours worked in addition to overtime pay, timely wage statements,  and expenses. The suit also states that KLLM failed to pay drivers all of the wages they were owed at the time that their employment was terminated.

California courts have seen an increasing number of class action suits from drivers who say that they have been misclassified as independent contractors. Many of these suits have resulted in hefty settlements. Notably, FedEx paid out $240 million to drivers in 20 states in June of this year in order to settle employment misclassification suits.



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