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Wife Listens To Trucker’s Four Hour Long Rescue On Phone After I-85 Crash


A trucker’s wife says that she was on the phone listening to rescue efforts made to save her husband for four hours after a crash on I-85 that cost him his leg last week.

Trucker On Phone With Wife At The Time Of Crash

Texas trucker Jackson Kithuva Muysoka, 44, was hauling frozen food in the northbound lanes of I-85 in Belmont, North Carolina, last Thursday. Around 1:30 p.m Muysoka reportedly looked down for a moment, lost control of his truck, and then crashed down an embankment.

Muysoka was on the phone with his wife Tyshell Muysoka at the time of the crash. She described the moment that she heard the crash: “All of a sudden it went quiet, and then I started hearing some tumbling, a lot of tumbling and loud noises, and it got quiet again and then all of a sudden, I heard him screaming for help. He was saying help me, help me, I’m over here, I’m over here.

Wife Listens To Entire Four Hour Rescue

Tyshell said that her husband’s phone remained on through the entire rescue effort. She said that she could hear her husband screaming about pain in his leg and could hear drilling and sawing as crews worked to extract him from the wrecked truck. She says she doesn’t believe that her husband or any of his rescuers knew that she was listening.

The rescue lasted an exhausting four hours as crews had to wait for tow trucks that could secure the semi so it didn’t slide further down the embankment. Firefighters battling the 90 degree temperatures and poison oak had to cut and bend the metal away from Muysoka inch by inch in a confined space. His leg was so severely pinned that rescuers considered amputating it on the spot.

Around 4 p.m., Tyshell could hear the firefighters saying, “clear a path” and could tell from the noises she heard that they had were about to extract her husband. She said that soon after this, the phone’s battery finally died.

Driver Survives, Loses Leg

Muysoka was transported to the hospital where doctors amputated the leg that had been pinned. He also suffered injuries to an eye.

One 29 year veteran officer says that he has never seen a crash victim survive a rescue that lasted as long as Muysoka’s.

The cause of the crash is still under investigation.

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