Cops: Trucking Company Owes Over $300,000 In Tolls

Police say that a New Jersey trucking company owner has been arrested after they learned that he owed over $300,000 in unpaid EZ Pass tolls and fines.

Jose Ramirez, 50, of Jersey City-based Mambo Transportation was arrested yesterday after going to pick up a truck impounded since January at the Lincoln Tunnel.

During the truck pick up, Port Authority police did a warrant check and discovered that Ramirez had an outstanding warrant for 3,250 toll violation. Authorities say that Ramirez owes $132,610 in tolls and $176,000 in fees, adding up to a total of $308,600.

Police arrested Ramirez and charged him with theft by taking and theft of services.

The truck is still impounded.

North Jersey
NBC New York

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