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Twice Tased Texas Trucker Wins Six Figure Settlement


A trucker who sued after he says he was unfairly tased twice by a former Texas sheriff’s deputy has been awarded a $100,000 settlement.

Deputy Says He Tased Trucker For Resisting Arrest

The lawsuit was filed by truck driver Guadalupe Perez following an incident during October 2014. Perez was pulled over on Highway 59 in Victoria County by former deputy Daniel Bettes.

Perez was allegedly pulled over while driving well below the posted speed limit in front of another sheriff’s deputy, impeding his travel, and making no attempt to stop or pull over. During the arrest, Bettes claimed that Perez appeared angry and clenched his fists. While Bettes ordered Perez out of the vehicle, he claims that there was a physical altercation and he used his taser on Perez. When Perez was out of his truck and on the ground, he used the taser on the driver again.

No Dash Cam Evidence To Back Up Deputy

Bettes arrested Perez for resisting arrest. Perez later reported that he had been assaulted by Bettes when he was treated for injuries sustained during the arrest in the hospital.

The Victoria Sheriff’s Department reportedly wasn’t able to produce any evidence that Perez resisted arrest because Bettes had parked his cruiser in front of Perez’s semi, making dash cam footage from the incident useless.

Bettes was fired over the incident and later pled guilty to criminal charges of official oppression.

On Monday of this week, Victoria County officials agreed to pay Perez $100,000 to settle his suit against the sheriff’s department and the county. Perez is continuing forth with a suit against Bettes that is likely to go to a jury trial.



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