House approves bill allowing conceal and carry across state lines

If you’re a trucker who carries a firearm for personal protection, you should check out this free app that gives you the information you need to carry safely and legally.

The “Concealed Carry Gun Tools App” was created by concealed

App Features Reciprocity Info And More

One of the most useful features of the app for truckers is the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Map Builder. With a few clicks, you can easily get up to date information about which states will honor your permits.

Other features of the app include:

  • Gun-free zone search feature
  • Locators for gun ranges, gun stores, shooting instructors, and gunsmiths. 
  • Firearm training tracker feature
  • Tool to help you keep track of your firearm ownership
  • Updates and articles on gun law and safety topics
  • Access to gun owner forums and discussion boards

Concealed Carry Gun Tools App Ratings

Most of the reviews for the Concealed Carry Gun Tools app are general favorable. However, a number of users complain about a “clunky” or slow user experience.

From Android user James Carter: “Makes it easier to keep track of; ammo, training, etc. No issues as of yet. I like it.

From Apple user nvRoadWarrior: “Wonderful treat for concealec carriers – go-to app for improvement and reliable info.”

From Apple user Cacti gal: “Logging my training is very slow and cumbersome. Each entry or drop down (from gun fired to weather) takes about 25 seconds to respond. I’ve logged 3 sessions and am already frustrated enough to find a different app or just keep a paper notebook. Shouldn’t take 8 minutes of my time just to enter a log.

Only lets me take one photo of each gun though it looks like you can store more. But the “add” buttons below the 1st entry don’t work.

Using iPhone 6S+

Get the Concealed Carry Gun Tools app for Android devices at the Google Play Store. Get the Concealed Carry Gun Tools app for Apple devices from iTunes.

To lean more about the app, check out the video below.