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VIDEO: Speeding truck runs light and pops a wheelie at the 11 foot 8 bridge


Yovo86 posted this video on YouTube earlier last week. The video is captioned saying:

“On Monday, Sept 18, the driver of this rental truck ignored the 25 MpH speed limit and all low-clearance warnings only to provide a solid meal for our hungry canopener. The impact was so powerful that the truck popped a wheelie and tore off the entire roof, before getting jammed under the trestle.

Police closed Gregson St for a short while until the debris was removed. Then they re-opened the right lane. The truck was stuck under the trestle for about an hour until a tow truck was able to winch it out from its predicament.

The Piedmont train, which runs between Charlotte and Raleigh, was also delayed by this incident. Apparently the conductor announced on the train that the “canopener” bridge in Durham was hit again, and that the old trestle would have to inspected before the train could cross.”

The bridge is clearly marked as low clearance.

It is clear that as the truck approaches the bridge, the outcome will not be a good one.

Quickly, the speeding truck is peeled open.

The truck does not quite make it out from beneath the bridge.

The video claims that it took 45 minutes for the tow truck to arrive.

The condition of the driver is unknown.


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