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VIDEO: Trucker “deliberately sideswipes” dash cammer


CDLLife reader Tami recently sent in surprising dash cam footage of a fellow trucker who she says intentionally sideswiped her rig.

Skip ahead to the 2:30 minute mark if you’re in a rush.

In the video description, Tami writes “This P&S truck#13174 with trailer#171199 on us287 north of Claude,tx deliberately sideswipes my truck twice and then refuses to stop for the next 15 miles or so until we get to the Petro in Amarillo. he got out of his truck being very combative and wanting to fight. He lied to the troopers when he said he didn’t know he hit us or that we we’re following him. If that was the truth then why was he combative at the Petro? Interesting I know. I could have had him arrested for hit and run but I’m sure his company will fire him after they see this video.

Second Sideswipe In Three Days For Dash Cammer

Even worse, just days before this video occurred, Tami was sideswiped by another trucker, though she says this was probably not intentional and was likely a case of distracted driving.

She writes, “I was sideswiped by this midnight express truck in Oakland,ca. I never felt the impact or heard anything. I ended up seeing the damage to my trailer down the road. I then reviewed my dashcam videos to see what happened since this was not there when I departed my pickup in Oakland. Good thing for dashcam.


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