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VIDEO: The worst backing job of all time?


Backing can be tough, especially for a new driver, but this trucker’s destructive struggle will make you cringe.

During the nearly six minute video captured on November 11, the persistent truck driver manages to back his rig into something at least seven times. By the end of the video, he seems to have mostly gotten his rig where it needed to be with at least some of his load in tact, so … congrats?

The Struggle Is Real

This guy isn’t the only trucker who has ever struggled with backing. Take a look at some of the videos below and you’ll realize that the struggle is real.

This video shows that even with help from a fellow trucker, backing can be rough some days.

In this video, a truck stock backing crash ends in fisticuffs.

The drivers in all of these videos could have benefited from some time spent with this instructor, who uses drones to help his students during backing lessons.


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