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Witnesses: Rudeness at fuel pumps triggered truck stop shooting/suicide


Witnesses to the deadly shooting at the Pilot truck stop in Walton, Kentucky, yesterday, say that the incident was triggered by an argument over fuel pump positioning.

The shooting took place yesterday around 10 a.m. at the Pilot Travel Center on 118 Richwood Road in Walton.

Shooting Starts After One Trucker Cuts Off Another At Fuel Pumps

According to a report from WLWT, witnesses say that 60 year old Kentucky-based truck driver Jeffery Maggard cut in front of 44 year old Ohio-based truck driver Ronald Melvin Jr. as they waited in line for fuel at the Pilot.

Melvin reportedly exited his truck to confront Maggard about the breach of etiquette and was heard by witnesses telling Maggard, “have some consideration, there’s no place to park and we all got to get out of here.

During this argument, Maggard opened fire on Melvin. Melvin was struck by a bullet on the arm.

Maggard then turned the gun on himself. He died at the scene.

Melvin was transported to the hospital for treatment of non life-threatening injury. No other injuries were reported.

Police Release Video Of Shooting Incident

The Boone County Sheriff’s Office has released surveillance video of the incident and a statement on the incident:

Truck Stop video shows the victim, driving a semi-truck, pull up to one of a long line of fuel pumps and as he gets out of his truck another semi pulls up slightly ahead of the victim’s truck two spaces down. The victim walks to the front of his truck and then over toward the other truck. Within seconds the victim runs for cover (supposedly just after being shot). On-scene witnesses heard words between the two men and then shots rang out. After shooting the victim, the perpetrator turned the gun on himself and committed suicide.”

At the very end of the video, you can see Melvin walking towards the camera and holding the arm that was shot.


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