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Arizona news station says grocery prices are set to skyrocket because of trucking struggles


A recent investigative report from CBS 5 in Arizona, says that the the price of groceries and other goods are on the rise because of changes within the trucking industry.

Report: Trucking Rates Up, Expected To Go Even Higher

In a segment entitled “Shipping Goods & New Safety Regulations“, CBS 5 argues that a “trucker shortage” of as many as 400,000 truck drivers nationwide and 1,500 drivers locally is forcing companies in Nogales to hire Mexican truck drivers to move their freight. The report does not actually touch on the “New Safety Regulations”, but one of the main arguments from some within the trucking industry against the ELD Mandate was that it would increase the cost of groceries and could even lead to empty shelves at supermarkets.

CBS 5 says that the price of a load from Nogales to Los Angeles has jumped up to from $1600 to $2200 and is expected to climb even higher. These higher shipping costs will increase the prices that consumers pay when they shop for groceries and other products.

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