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Buchanan Hauling: Charting the journey from owner operator to trucking company boss


For many truck drivers, making the transition from owning your own truck to owning your own trucking company feels like an impossible dream. But Geary Buchanan of Buchanan Hauling & Rigging Inc. did just that and he has some advice on how you can, too.

Buchanan Hauling

When Geary started out in trucking in 1972, things were a little different. He told CDLLife that the trucks were “not as nice” back then, that cabovers were king, and that there was little to no air conditioning to be had. Cell phones and internet were not a thing — you had to hop out and talk to your company on a pay phone, if you talked to them at all.

Buchanan Hauling

Though he was successful as an owner-operator, Geary was unable to suppress his entrepreneurial spirit — he craved the challenge of growing his business into a full-fledged trucking company. And, recognizing that American runs on small businesses, he says that he wanted to be able to provide other drivers with good jobs and steady income.

And so, without a set business plan, armed only with the belief that hard work would pay off in the end, Geary grew his one truck, two trailer, operation into Buchanan Hauling — a company that now operates three hundred trucks and one thousand trailers.

We asked Geary to share some advice for other owner operators who are looking to make the big leap into owning their own companies. “Plan for a rainy day,” he told us, emphasizing the importance of putting money aside for taxes and unexpected repairs. He also said that having a strong wife back home doesn’t hurt — his own wife Becky has been essential to the company’s growth. She now serves as the company’s Executive Vice President.

Buchanan Hauling

Buchanan Hauling is a family owned and operated full service logistics company based out of Fort Wayne, Indiana that has been in operation since 1996. This safety-focused and rapidly growing company is looking for ways to help more truck drivers to achieve their driving and business goals.



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