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35% of truckers quit their job in the first 90 days. Here’s why.


A newly published study on truck driver turnover has provided interesting insights into why truckers quit their jobs early.

The study, published by Stay Metrics, focuses on drivers who quit their jobs within a few months after hire, a phenomenon described as “early leaving”. Early leaving has become a huge problem within the trucking industry, with 35% of drivers quitting their jobs within the first 90 days of employment.

Here are some of the major takeaways:

  • Millenial drivers are no more likely to be early leavers than older drivers. Researchers found that age was not a significant predictor for drivers quitting early.
  • Veteran truckers are more likely to leave within the first few months than less experienced drivers. However, if an experienced driver makes it to the one year mark with a company, he is more likely to to stay.
  • How drivers feel about their recruiters and dispatchers is a huge factor in their decision to quit early on with a company. The study found that “drivers with high recruiter satisfaction have a 22 percent lower turnover rate in the first three months compared to those with low satisfaction. Likewise, high dispatcher satisfaction is associated with 16 percent lower early turnover.
  • Surprisingly, drivers who quit within a few months have a more positive view of their former employers than drivers who kept their jobs for a year or more. Researchers even found that half of driver who quit within the first three months would recommend the trucking company to other drivers.

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