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Truck tries to go through toll booth car lane, causes serious damage


A truck driver picked the wrong lane at the MacKay Bridge toll booth this morning and wound up seriously stuck.

Truck Collided With Toll Plaza At “Fairly High Rate Of Speed”

The crash happened around 8 a.m. in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Though three of the seven toll lanes are designed for commercial vehicle use, the trucker steered his rig into a lane designed for cars only and struck the upper canopy, becoming wedged within the structure.

No injuries were reported.

At least three toll lanes sustained damage during the crash and were shut down.

Steve Snider, CEO of Halifax Harbour Bridges commented, “You have a truck coming at a fairly high rate of speed into the toll plaza and into a lane that’s not big enough to accommodate it. We’re just very, very fortunate that neither the driver nor staff or any other member of the public were injured this morning.

Crash Causes Significant Damage

Crews are currently on scene to assess the damage to the toll plaza. Authorities estimate that it will take until this afternoon to remove the truck. It could take several weeks to complete the necessary repairs to fully reopen all toll lanes.

The incident has caused serious traffic delays in the area.

After the crash, Snider urged drivers to pay attention behind the wheel: “This is a work zone for the people who are out here to serve the public. Please put the cellphones away, please drive at an appropriate rate of speed, please pay attention and be safe.


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