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Woman who crashed off I-95 owes her life to alert truck driver


A motorist who crashed her car off of I-95 in Massachusetts wasn’t found for several hours after the crash — and likely would not have been found at all if not for an eagle-eyed truck driver passing by.

The incident began early on Monday, June 18, when a 24 year old Massachusetts woman lost control of her car near the Salisbury rest area, crashing off of southbound I-95 into a wooded area beside the interstate, according to NBC Boston.

The woman was seriously injured in the crash and unable to call for help.

Investigators believe that she may have been out in the wooded area for as many as 12 hours before a passing truck driver spotted her mangled vehicle in the woods. The trucker then contacted MassDOT crew members, who in turn called 911.

Around 1 p.m., rescue crews found the injured woman alert and conscious outside of her crashed car. Salisbury Fire Chief Scott Carrigan said, “The person was in the woods for a significant amount of time. Because of the location, it was hard to spot.

The woman was taken by helicopter to a nearby hospital for treatment of her injuries.

The woman’s neighbor Tracy Tremblay was thankful for the alert trucker and his actions: “It’s awful. She is lucky. And I’m thankful for that truck driver that found her.”



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