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Wild ride: Semi fishtails and jackknifes on icy Maine highway


Dash cam video captured on a Maine roadway shows how quickly icy roads can cause highway chaos for truck drivers.

The incident was caught on motorist Tim Larson’s dash cam on Monday, February 25 on northbound I-95 in Bangor, Maine.

Larson said in a Facebook post that he had watched the semi truck pass him on roads that he weren’t well treated with salt or sand, so he backed up and gave the truck lots of room.

Larson’s dash cam captured the moment that the truck started to skid on the slick interstate, fishtailing back and forth across the two lanes before finally coming to a stop when the truck jackknifed under a bridge.

Luckily, the truck comes to a stop without striking any other vehicles and there were no apparent injuries to the truck driver.

You can view the dash cam clip below.

Here is the dash-cam video from this morning… I-95 Northbound just before the Broadway exit in Bangor.(For licensing or usage, contact licensing@viralhog.com)

Posted by Tim Larson on Monday, February 25, 2019


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