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Dispatcher claims CEO of shuttered trucking company ‘lied’ about getting drivers home


A dispatcher for a suddenly-shuttered trucking company reached out to CDLLife to set the record straight about what she says is really going on with the company’s drivers.

On Tuesday, August 27, news of the closure of Denver, Colorado-based trucking company HVH Transportation emerged. As HVH employed more than 300 drivers, the abrupt company closure left many in the trucking community surprised and concerned for the welfare of the displaced drivers.

Several drivers began reporting on Tuesday that their fuel cards were shut off, effectively leaving some drivers stranded out on the road.

As the story developed, new reports indicated that company leadership at HVH was working to get stranded drivers home.

One dispatcher/driver manager for HVH Transportation saw these reports and reached out to CDLLife via email to share her side of the story.

She told CDLLife that the HVH CEO is a “liar” for claiming that he was working to get drivers home.

She continued:

I reached out to my drivers as a Driver Manager/Dispatcher and told them to fill their trucks with fuel, that HVH closed their doors! That fuel cards  were going to be shut off. Now they are. Cleaning out my desk and still answering phones. I informed everyone that called what was going on. I was then directed by the Operation and Maintenance Director to stop answering the phones. I did not, they couldn’t let me go twice! The fuel cards ARE SHUT OFF!! HVH is NOT getting drivers home, other companies such as Navajo, Bay and Bay out of MN, and Direct Transport out of Commerce City, CO are saving our drivers. The brokers Echo, Ch Robinson that still had loads, they are paying fuel and compensating drivers for their last loads. The CEO, and the COO are nothing snakes in the grass! To say that he is helping??? Unbelievable!!!

PLEASE PLEASE Post the truth.

HVH Transportation has not responded to CDLLife’s request for comment.

In the wake of the HVH closure, other trucking companies have come forward offering to help stranded drivers.

HVH Drivers, We're Here to Help Get You Home.

We heard the terrible news about HVH Transportation suddenly closing their doors, leaving hundreds of professional drivers out of work and away from home.Wilson Logistics would like to cover the cost of a bus ticket for any HVH driver affected by this closing or give you a ride with one of our Wilson drivers to get you back home. Simply send us a message on Facebook or email us at WeCare@WilsonLogistics.com.Be Safe!

Posted by Wilson Logistics on Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Not sure if this has been posted yet but if anybody needs it

Posted by Lucas VanWoert on Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Hundreds of truck drivers have lost their jobs due to trucking company closures so far in 2019. Major closures include including Falcon TransportLME, and NEMF.


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