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Driver shares sweet story of woman who approached him while polishing his truck


A Facebook post about a truck driver’s uplifting encounter with a mother and her son recently went viral.

The post was shared by trucker and Facebook user Harold Hacker on April 28.

In the post, Hacker describes how he was polishing his truck at a motel when he was approached by a woman in need of help:

“A lady came crying to me as I was polishing my truck here at the hotel….I’m thinking here we go.. wanting money!!!! But instead of her asking for money…she offered me money!! WOW!! Her son is Handicap an bound to a wheelchair an they didn’t have anymore rooms on the bottom floor….Her thinking that she an her nephew could get him up to the 3rd floor she went ahead an paid!!! She needed me to help them get him up… It was impossible to do….. So she was left helpless…… Then I felt bad for her… So I said there’s more than one way to skin a cat!!!! I’ll give y’all my room whitch is right here on the bottom…an I’ll take your room ..just don’t say anything!!!! Then this kid busted out loud an said man I Love you…you saved my momma alot of trouble….. Can I take pics with you an your truck??? WELL OF COURSE!!! Just glad I could just see him smile….he was looking purdy sad…. He kept saying…man I’m trouble to everyone…. Then he have me a kiss!!! Lol…what away to end a Sunday afternoon on the road!! I was feeling purdy home sick myself… But I guess it worked out for me to be here!!! My new friend!!!”

A lady came crying to me as I was polishing my truck here at the hotel….I'm thinking here we go.. wanting money!!!!…

Posted by Harold Hacker on Sunday, April 28, 2019

Since the uplifting Facebook post was published, it has been liked 10,000 times and shared 2,400 times.


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