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Farmers to the rescue in Walmart parking lot notorious for booting truckers


A group of farmers recently stepped in to help save truckers from a costly boot removal fee for parking in a Kentucky Walmart lot.

Kentucky news outlet WKYT recently shared a story about how three farmers took it upon themselves to warn truck drivers parked at the Berea, Kentucky, Walmart about a boot-happy security company called R and R Parking Management.

One of the farmers featured in the story, Chris Young, says that he stops by the Walmart frequently after work and has noticed employees with R and R Parking Management booting parked semi trucks with little or no warning.

Young says that there are signs warning about the Walmart’s truck parking policy, but that they aren’t very easy to spot.

According to the report, one night Young and the two other farmers decided to warn the truckers that they were about to be booted and eventually got into a verbal confrontation with an R and R Parking Management employee who told them to stop warning the truckers.

During the confrontation, Young told the worker “It’s common decency to say, ‘Hey, you should have read that sign. You need to move now.'”

The R and R Parking Management employee left the premises soon after.

There have been numerous news reports and social media posts about truck drivers who have been booted at the Berea parking lot in the last year. Many drivers say that they received little or no warning before waking up to a fine of up to $800 to remove the boot.

R and R Parking Management has also been spotted booting trucks at the Williamsburg, Kentucky, Walmart lot.

Everyone needs to read this……One of my friends parked at a Wal-Mart in Berea KY. Mind you he went in and spent his…

Posted by Tasha Abteigna on Friday, June 8, 2018

You can see video of Young calling out the R and R Parking employee for their booting practices in the report below.


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