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Police share video to show how trucker’s evasive maneuver saved the day


This week, Michigan police shared a dash cam clip to show how a truck driver’s attentiveness and quick thinking prevented a tragedy on an icy interstate.

The clip was shared by the Portage Police Department following an incident that happened on March 4 on icy I-94.

In the dash cam video, a pickup truck driver loses control on the slick interstate, crashing into a snow bank on the right shoulder of the roadway before sliding sideways back into the lanes of traffic.

An oncoming semi truck driver had only moments to react to avoid the spun-out pickup truck and possibly save the life of the driver — and he was able to prevent the crash from happening.

Here’s what the Portage Police Department had to say about the video:

Serious injury and fatal accidents can occur in the blink of an eye. The video below was taken from a PDPS officer’s MVR (Mobile Video Recorder) just yesterday morning. The officer had just finished clearing a separate accident on westbound 94 when this occured. If not for the split-second evasive maneuver taken by the semi-truck driver, this would have undoubtedly been a much more serious incident (the driver suffered only minor injuries). SLOW DOWN and exercise extreme caution when driving in inclement weather!

Police also noted that the truck driver’s experience helped to keep the incident from escalating into a major crash because if he had slammed on his brakes, he could have gone into a jackknife.

You can take a look at the dash cam clip below.


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